Monday, April 4, 2011

No crashing!

Okay, so far so good. After going through the weekend, my phone is still up and running. However, after going the weekend with Go Launcher EX, I was finding there was a HUGE battery drain. I installed Launcher Switcher, and I'm going to play with ADW (which I usually keep frozen via Titanium) since it's part of the CM install package and I have it. If I'm going to play musical launchers, I might as well do all three. So far, LauncherPro Plus is still my default. It doesn't have the customizable app drawer options that I liked in GO, but, to be honest, the calendar widget that comes with the Plus version of LP is still the absolute best I have found. I use my agenda widget as my "heads-up display" for my life, and it takes up all of my default home screen. So it has to be clean, and it has to work well. I have the Android Agenda Widget installed as well for use on the other launchers, but I just don't like it as much. I'm going to keep playing to see if GO or ADW ultimately have enough features that make me overlook that, but right now, I just find LPP smoother and easier to use. Of course, I've played with that one the longest since I've been running it for months now as my only launcher. So that's why I'm going to play when I have the time, and see what I think of the others once I've had time to really figure the others out.

But right now, LPP is still my default.

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